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Massive Darkness 2: Feyfolk

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Once upon a time, the Feyfolk were beings of light ruled by Queen Caenedra that helped the Lightbringers. But after Chromatis, the mad unicorn, turned to the Shadow, many followed his steps. That's how the Dark Pixies were born. Some say that they were once Lifebringers and now are just corrupted simulacrums. It is now known when the first Harpies began serving the Darkness, but today they act as loyal sentinels patrolling all corners of the Infernal Realm.

This Enemy Box contains 2 additional Mobs: Harpies and Pixies (Leader and Minions) and a new Roaming Monster: Queen Caenedra, along with their game cards. The Harpies make the most of their aerial superiority, viciously snatching Lightbringers from the ground and dragging them away from the Dungeon, while the Dark Pixies are able to leech the Hero's mana to channel their own healing abilities. Queen Caenedra is a power Fey-witch and a master of hexes that will empower her minions' defenses!

15 Miniatures
  ‣ 6 Dark Pixie Minions
  ‣ 1 Dark Pixie Leader
  ‣ 6 Harpy Minions
  ‣ 1 Harpy Leader
  ‣ 1 Queen Caenedra
10 Queen Tokens
31 Cards